Post Mother’s Day Meltdown


Whoever decided that Mother’s Day was a good idea should switch places with us this week and then tell me, after one week in our house, whether it was still a good idea!

Someone recently told me all about Mothering Sunday, the true traditional reason for Mother’s Day until it then became another hallmark holiday making profit for the likes of Hallmark and Interflora. It made sense! We never ever planned to be the parents who want to change the world to suit our children and to tell you the truth, we used to complain about those parents… we now understand… Stop Mother’s Day!

After such a positive Sunday with the boys and no outwardly unusual behaviour, the following week could only be described as hell. We are starting to notice a pattern with our boys, the special days are usually fine, it is the aftermath that causes the biggest headache for the family

All week, our eldest slowly reverted back to Week 1 behaviour which was completely out of character if you compared his behaviour to the previous 3 months since Christmas. Our boy’s behaviour is going from strength to strength in a positive direction however the weekend after Mother’s Day, it went crashing down… with force. It must be painful/scary for them to be experiencing all these emotions resulting in insomnia, anger, overactive bladders, withdrawal and fear.

The last weekend was spent inside the house so we could try and regain some calm and control again but then backfired when we had cabin fever and needed to get out. This followed by some public “accidents” by our eldest which then resulted in coming home again… vicious cycle… one we probably need to be prepared for in the future… we don’t think we could handle another weekend like this anytime soon!

If there was ever a referendum to cancel Mothers Day… I am voting YES! (Sorry Mum xx)


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