“I caught myself smiling for the first time!”

I caught myself smiling to myself in the lift up to my office as I was thinking about my morning. I had Odlaw and Sir Percy Pilkington standing on our doorstep smiling for the camera before rushing them off to school. The moment caught me by surprise as I reflected on the past 6 months and I realised I hadn’t smiled much at all until now


It is World Book Day today and we had the joy, like every other parent, of choosing an outfit, managing the excitement of dressing up and getting them into school while in a crowd of Elsa’s, Harry Potter’s, Willy Wonka’s and Where’s Wally’s! I am sure I have mentioned, it has been a whirlwind 6 months with huge ups and huge downs, it has been worse than a roller coaster, more like the fairground ride that shoots you in the air and slowly brings you back down to the ground


This week has been different, it has been a week of statutory LAC reviews, court cases and decisions around contact, but all that is soon to be over. My shoulders have been tense for months and I realised we were just going through the motion of getting through the days. Everyone has been extremely complimentary and very enthusiastic about how well we are doing and how much the boys are progressing and although it is great to hear we are on the right track but when you are in the thick of it, you don’t notice… plus, we are utterly exhausted!


Today was different for me. I smiled. I actually reflected on our successes finally and the one big thing that made me smile was having a calm, enjoyable morning and taking a photo of our boys on the doorstep in the exact same pose (I didn’t tell them to, they just did it!) as their first day of school back in September when they had been with us only 4 weeks.


Looking at those photos I noticed their faces had changed, something else was different about them too, something ever so slight that you may not notice unless you know the boys, but they smiled a real smile… not a fake one like their first school photo. Their eyes had a twinkle and they looked relaxed and happy! That little difference in the photo made my day and made the past 6 months worth it. That’s why I smiled today!


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